For over 10 years, PKSS has installed the most reliable, high quality intercom solutions across Australia’s homes, offices and businesses. Having been in this business for so long, we understand that not only do people want solutions that meet their needs, but also something that fits their budget.

From wired systems and IP audio/video to wireless intercom solutions PKSS has what you need! Even better, we can always tailor make a solution that meets your requirements – a solution that is easy to use, and more importantly, one that gives you a real peace of mind.

We provide a range of intercom systems for residential or commercial applications. Our intercom systems have been chosen very carefully to give maximum security to homes, offices and businesses. If you’re looking for the latest intercoms with or without wires, with voice, music or both, our intercom systems will meet your exact needs.

  • IP audio/video

    Our intercom systems are an all-in-one solution that use data, voice and video over IP technology. IP audio/video intercoms offer Ethernet based communication and allow for an unlimited number of entrance and monitoring stations.

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  • Wired System

    A wired system lets you create any type of system in an easy, quick and intuitive way, whether it is for a large house or for apartment blocks. The wire system we install comes with a wide range of handsets and entrance panels to meet all your security needs.

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