Our CCTV systems meet the requirements of a variety of property types, such as houses, small businesses and industrial estates. We install a full range of CCTV systems, which in most instances enable remote viewing and recording from anywhere in the world, including your home or office. Whether you’re a homeowner or an organisation, we have the perfect solution for your property. With a comprehensive line of intelligent products like Geutebruck, Avigilon, Nuuo, Pacom, Milestonesy and Indigovision, we offer a range of CCTV solutions catered to fit your needs.

GEUTEBRÜCK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for video security systems. GEUTEBRÜCK solutions offer seamless integration and migration from analog to hybrid and on to omnibreed and pure IP systems. Geutebruck has a video security solutions for every need: from analog to digital, from image capture to system management, Geutebruck’s integrated solutions meets everyone’s highest requirements.

Avigilon offer the broadest range of megapixel cameras (from 1 MP to 29 MP) that deliver the best image quality in the industry. One 29 MP Avigilon camera can cover the same area as up to 95 traditional analog cameras. Besides, Avigilon’s award-winning software can be  combined with a broad range of megapixel cameras to deliver superior image quality and maximum coverage.

The NVR-based Central Management System (NCS) from NUUO is a powerful system designed for large-scale and high level enterprise projects. NUUO NCS supports unlimited numbers of cameras, I/O devices, POS, LPR, access control, servers and users. Besides, the controls and operation of NUUO CMS is clear cut and map centric.

Pacom - PACOM  is the market leader in CCTV and integrated IP systems for the security surveillance market. PACOM offer a total solution to the security surveillance market with a comprehensive portfolio of security CCTV Surveillance equipment such as cameras, digital video recorders and management systems, Video Transmission and IP network technology.

Milestone Systems is the world’s leading provider of open platform IP video management software (VMS) and used by ore than 100,000 customers worldwide. Milestone Systems XProtect is easy-to-use, yet powerful VMS that is designed with open architecture. This means that all XProtect products are compatible with more IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders than any other VMS manufacturer, giving you the freedom to mix and match hardware to fit your needs and budget.

IndigoVision is a leading manufacturer of complete end-to-end enterprise IP video systems. IndigoVision's product line consists of IP cameras, encoders, NVR appliances and IP video surveillance software. A totally seamless flow of events between IndigoVision and third party systems delivers a fully integrated and easy to manage security solution.

HD Megapixel Solutions - Maximum clarity with minimum bandwidth.
HD megapixel resolution is clearly one of the most important features of today’s cameras, if not the most important. Superior image quality assists users in really demanding situations where they need to be able to identify persons or objects in a scene. By closely following details and changes in images, users can make faster decisions while protecting people and property.
IP solutions - IP based cameras are the future.
The latest digital, IP surveillance system provides a host of benefits and advanced features that cannot be provided by a regular CCTV or analogue camera based system.
The benefits include:
  • Higher resolution - Better image quality than analogue cameras.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) - Eliminates the need for power cables and cuts down installation costs because only one cable per camera is required, to carry both power and data.
  • Intelligent capabilities - Advanced functionalities like video motion and audio detection.
  • Easy to install - IP cameras are ready right out of the box for installing.
  • Two-way audio support - Supports two-way audio support with better audio quality.
  • Open Standards - This allows for software integration and interoperability of cameras from various manufacturers, across a single network.