Company Profile

Established in the year 2000, PK Security Solutions is now an accomplished provider of electronic security systems in Australia. Over the last decade, our security professionals have sold, installed, serviced and monitored electronic security systems for numerous residential, commercial and industrial subscribers across Australia. In fact  we are one of the fastest growing security companies in the country. As for future plans, we aim at becoming Australia’s leading provider of electronic security solutions.

PK Security Solutions offers a complete range of security solutions: Access Control, Video Surveillance, IP solutions, Intercoms, Alarm Monitoring and Building Automatons for homes, small businesses and large organizations. While our competitors are trying to increase their profits by reducing costs, we are trying to increase our business by satisfying our customers. As a matter of fact, the success of our business has largely been shaped by our customer-driven approach to security management.

PKSS has been installing security systems for homes and businesses across Australia, since 2000, and it continues to provide security solutions that are second to none.

Here are five good reasons to choose PKSS for ALL your security needs…

  • because we use the latest technology.
    It is very important for the security systems businesses of today to rediscover and keep pace with the latest technologies. Newer technologies may refer to state of the art electronic devices or cutting edge access control systems. PKSS uses today’s most comprehensive line of electronic security devices and technologies.
  • because our standard of work is high.
    Our standards of work are very high. Paying very close attention to details, we ensure that everything is done perfectly the first time around. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver quality and timely solutions to each of our clients and taking care of all their security needs.
  • because we guarantee customer satisfaction.
    Our friendly and expert staff believe in delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction. We take time to understand your needs and expectations; then we do all that we can to exceed them.
  • because our staff are highly professional.
    Our technicians have been in the security industry for more than ten years, and they demonstrate high levels of expertise and professionalism in their work. Our security professionals are trained up to date to make sure you get the latest in security technologies.
  • because we give you value for your money.
    Despite offering high-quality and timely services, we don’t cost more – in fact, because our projects get finished so quickly, we often charge comparatively less for a given project than our competitors would.